Alexis D. Vyne - Shemale Dominatrix - TS Escort - Vancouver
Over the years I've gone through lots of different times.  Some of these we rough and filled with chaos and other happy and full of love.  As time progressed I've written some, poems, ramblings, quotes and more.

I've written a considerable amount over the decades and really get into it when in the right frame of mind.  I usually immerse myself in technical drivel though as I have a lust for creativity that drives me to learn..

This is a small collection of some of the poetry I have written in the last 12 years..


I Wrote 3 books in the year 2000 which were very long poems telling a continuing tale over many many verses.  I started on a 4th book, made it about 3/4 of the way through.  Homepefully one day I can continue these as I wanted to write 12 in total. It all seemed to flow really easy and the first book "Ode To Goddess" is by far my most epic and beautiful creation..

These are a bunch of poems of a lighter nature.  The might be inspiring, uplifting or otherwise positive.  Some of it could be quite obscure and metaphorical..
These are some of the darkest things I have ever written.  Be forewarned that this could be disturbing content and very questionable.  These things may or may not have relation to things that are real and most certainly did not happen. These are the dark ones I'm willing to let you read..
One thing I have lots of is love poems.  I have written countless poems about love, heart ach, lost loved ones, and rekindled love.  It's a topic that I'll never be letting go of..
These are some interesting writings in my opinion.  Written as if in the hand of Homer as beckoning the Gods in the year 2000.  It's a bit of a stretch for me writing something so epic but I did enjoy writing these a lot..